Reducing Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

miniature red poodle and ownerSeparation anxiety is a phrase used to describe the nervousness and stress exhibited in some dogs when their owners leave home. This anxiety is characterized by barking, crying, and the destruction of furniture and other household items, but there are a few ways for dog owners to make days apart less stressful for their pets. The most important thing to remember is to keep your own emotions under control. Although you may not want to leave your pet alone, you must act positive and confident if you want to instill these same behaviors in your furry family member.

Go for a Walk

Before you head to work for the day, we recommend taking your dog for a walk. A great morning routine that gives them a chance to relieve extra energy, a good walk will leave your dog tired out and ready to rest while you are gone.

Stay Calm

When it’s time to leave the house, pay very little attention to your dog, acting like leaving is a natural part of the day; nothing to worry about! Avoid petting and talking to your dog for fifteen to twenty minutes before it is time to go to get them ready for their quiet time alone. Project feelings of confidence and positivity onto your dog with a relaxed energy as you head out for the day.

Don’t forget to follow these same rules when you come home to keep your pet from getting over-excited.

Start Small

Getting your dog’s separation anxiety under control may take some time, so stay confident and positive, taking baby steps towards your ultimate goal. Begin by leaving your dog alone for fifteen minutes or so, and then extend the time slowly until you can leave your furry friend for an entire eight hours.

Also remember to stay calm when you get home, greeting your dog only when they calm down. This will help to encourage them that staying home alone is a normal part of the day; a time to relax and nap!

To learn more about separation anxiety in dogs and how you can help to reduce your pet’s stress, visit Cesar’s Way.

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