Why Kids Should Grow Up with Dogs

Kids and DogsKids are fascinated by animals. Go to any zoo and you’re bound to see plenty of kids enamored with the animals there. Think of all the stuffed animals kids collect over the years. When you visit a little kid’s bedroom, you’re likely to find several stuffed animals on the bed. They like to sleep with soft, plush teddy bears, bunnies, kittens, and, of course, dogs. Animals provide comfort, even when they’re not real.

Come to think of it, practically-speaking a dog is the best animal for a kid to grow up with because a dog is literally man’s best friend. Dogs don’t spread gossip, they’re always ready to play, and they’re warm and cuddly on a cold winter’s night.

Kids have a lot of energy. Dogs generally do, too. They’re fun to watch at play. Kids can throw balls for dogs to catch or fetch. They can take them for walks outside, which is good exercise.

Perhaps best of all, though, dogs teach kids responsibility. Because a dog is a living, breathing thing, owners must take care of their pets just like they’d care for a family member. Dogs need people to give them food and water and more. Therefore, kids learn to be caretakers, making sure their pet dog is healthy and happy. It’s a great learning experience that helps them later in life when they become parents of kids.

Dogs have a way of bringing people together. They’re active, social and cause complete strangers to say hello and ask if they can pet them. Dogs help strengthen the bonds between humans. Many owners report feeling happier just seeing their dog’s cute face. They also help people de-stress, and have been known to help people, including youngsters, recover psychologically from a crisis. It’s not uncommon for people to talk to their dogs and treat them like a silent-but-lovable family member who accepts them wholeheartedly.

Kids and dogs go so well together; it just makes sense for kids to grow up with them.

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