Tips for Giving Your Poodle a Bath

apricot poodle puppy taking a bathRegardless of if your poodle loves bath time or avoids any water that isn’t in a bowl, regular baths are an important part of keeping their curly coat healthy and clean.

Start Young

We recommend training your poodle to be comfortable around the bath from a young age. Let your new puppy explore the tub while it’s dry, slowly introducing them to running water as you reward them along the way.

Before the Bath

Before you enter the bathroom, head outside for a short walk to burn off excess energy and give your dog a chance to relieve them self. Also brush their coat, removing tangles, loose hair and dirt. Get out all of your supplies – shampoo, conditioner, comb and towel – and begin running lukewarm water.

Bath Time

Once your pup is in the tub, wet their coat thoroughly before applying shampoo. Avoid wetting down the face and ears to prevent ear infections. Shampoo your pet with dog shampoo, cleaning away excess oils and dirt. A sensitive skin dog shampoo is often best to use to avoid stripping the skin of the oils and moisture it needs. Take your time rinsing out your poodle’s coat, ensuring all traces of shampoo are washed free. Begin at the head, working your way down the neck and back, under the belly and down the legs for an overall clean. To keep your pet’s coat moisturized and free of tangles, apply conditioner as well, rinsing it out the same way as you do shampoo. Have a small puppy or a toy poodle? Try moving bath time to the kitchen sink for easier cleaning!

For advice on getting a water-resistance pooch in the tub, visit Cesar’s Way.  Looking to add a new, furry family member to your home? Visit Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles online or call us at 805-748-2095 to learn more about our retired dogs, puppies and upcoming litters.

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