Correct Your Puppy’s Destructive Chewing

apricot poodle chewing toysEspecially common in teething puppies, the chewing of furniture, walls and other household items is one of the most common pet problems out there. Dangerous both to your pet and your wallet, it is important to stop inappropriate chewing early on so the problem does not persist as your dog ages. Follow these simple steps to help your puppy develop appropriate and safe chewing habits.

Puppy Proofing

One of the first things you should do when bringing home a new puppy is puppy proofing the house. Keep doors closed to prevent your furry friend from getting into rooms they can cause trouble – like the kid’s bedrooms – and make sure household cleaning products are placed where your pet cannot reach them. Cover electrical cords and remember to pick up shoes and toys to keep them out of harm’s way. Consider crate training your puppy as well to keep them and your home safe from destruction when you’re not home.

Provide Chew Toys and Time to Play

Provide your new pet plenty of toys for them to enjoy in place of the corner of your wood coffee table! There are plenty of great options available, from nylabones to Kong toys and tennis balls. Every dog is different, so find some toys your pet loves to chew on. Also, remember to make time to play with your puppy every day. Daily exercise will keep them mentally stimulated and cut down on a lot of destruction. Take a walk every morning before you head to work and spend some time together each night when you get home to tire your puppy out and provide them the stimulation they need.

Discourage Destructive Chewing

If you do find your puppy continuing to chew on furniture and other household items, take the item away and scold them. Afterwards, provide them with an appropriate toy to chew. Continue to use this method and your pet will begin to learn that they can only chew their toys. For dogs with difficult habits to break, you can also apply a taste deterrent to commonly chewed items.

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