When Should You Introduce Puppies to Grooming?

Grooming your dog is something that you should get into the habit of doing about once every four to eight weeks. Whether you decide to groom the dog yourself or send the dog to a professional groomer, all dogs need the tender, love and care that accompanies the grooming process. So you should make every effort to provide it for them on a regular schedule.

All dogs are slightly different, depending on the breed, but in general, you should begin having your puppy groomed when they are around 10 to 12 weeks old. They should be up to date on all of their vaccinations before you start grooming them, especially if you are sending them to a groomer, and they should also be trained so that they know how to behave when they are being groomed.

You should start by training your puppy to respond to simple commands like sit and stay. These commands will come in handy when the dog is being groomed. You should also spend time holding your puppy close so that it feels comfortable with this kind of contact. You or your groomer will need to hold the dog often when grooming is taking place, so making it feel comfortable is key. You should be able to restrain the dog without it losing its cool and freaking out on the grooming table.

Once all of this is done, you should introduce your puppy to different kinds of grooming equipment. From brushes and combs to hair clippers and nail clippers, your dog should be familiar with all of the various tools that are used while grooming. This will make the puppy feel at ease when the grooming actually starts.

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