Tips for Choosing a Puppy Name

One of the major things you’ll do when you bring home a puppy is give it a name. Just like naming a human baby, people put a lot of thought and care into picking “the right name” for their beloved pet. Did you know that more than half of all pet names are human names… Read more »

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Holiday Season

Just as much as we stress during the holiday season, so do our pets. As we busy ourselves with gift buying, food preparation and out of town travel, our pets sometimes don’t understand what all of the craziness is about. Dogs normally on a routine schedule can be thrown off when you’re not home as… Read more »

Commands To Teach Your Dog

Training your dog is a process. Once you have created an environment that your dog feels comfortable in, you will want to begin training him or her to understand certain commands, which will help improve behavior. Commands are also important for yours and your dog’s safety. These commands are easy for your dog to understand… Read more »

The Many Perks of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is a privilege and you’ll be amazed at how much joy and comfort your little pup will bring to your lives. Dogs are one of the most popular of pets and there’s a reason why; it’s not that other pets are not good company, it’s just that a dog is able to… Read more »

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

Bathing is an essential part of taking care of your dog. Not only does it keep your dog’s coat shiny and clean, it keeps knots out of their fur, which can be especially painful. In addition, it’s an opportune time to wash off any insects that get caught in the dog’s fur. The type of… Read more »

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting adventure for the whole family, especially the newest addition. Preparing your home to make it puppy-safe is very important. Puppy proofing is not the same as making sure you’re stocked with the essentials, it is about making sure your home is safeguarded for your new pup. There… Read more »

How to Keep Your Dog Cool During Long Heat Spells

Summer’s heat can make you feel lethargic and sticky, and it can even become dangerous if you don’t take necessary precautions. As humans, we have the capability to wear less clothing, find ample shade and shelter from the sun, obtain relief in air conditioned rooms or swimming pools and we can drink water as much… Read more »

The Benefits of Owning a Toy Poodle

If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to the family, have you considered going with a toy poodle? Toy poodles are great options for families with children for a number of reasons, and they’re also loyal, trainable pets. Plus, they’re great with new people, and are a good choice if you’re a first time… Read more »

How to Help Your Dog Settle in to a New Environment

As humans, we are able to vocalize our anxieties and fears and avoid situations we find stressful. For dogs, they can only convey their distress through their actions, and it is often easy for humans to misinterpret these cues. Bringing home a new dog is an emotional time for any owner, but it’s even more… Read more »

How to Subdue Pet Allergies

Chances are you know a person who doesn’t want to be in the same home where a pet lives because the animal bothers their allergies. About 15 to 30% of Americans have allergic problems with pets. It’s not unusual for families to have to hold events away from a certain person’s home because so-and-so “can’t… Read more »