The Benefits of Owning a Toy Poodle

If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to the family, have you considered going with a toy poodle? Toy poodles are great options for families with children for a number of reasons, and they’re also loyal, trainable pets. Plus, they’re great with new people, and are a good choice if you’re a first time… Read more »

How to Help Your Dog Settle in to a New Environment

As humans, we are able to vocalize our anxieties and fears and avoid situations we find stressful. For dogs, they can only convey their distress through their actions, and it is often easy for humans to misinterpret these cues. Bringing home a new dog is an emotional time for any owner, but it’s even more… Read more »

How to Subdue Pet Allergies

Chances are you know a person who doesn’t want to be in the same home where a pet lives because the animal bothers their allergies. About 15 to 30% of Americans have allergic problems with pets. It’s not unusual for families to have to hold events away from a certain person’s home because so-and-so “can’t… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Dogs

What do you think is the most popular name for a dog? If you thought, “Max,” then you’re right. Other popular names include Molly, Sam and Maggie. Did you know there are more than 150 dog breeds? They’re generally divided into 8 classes which include “sporting,” “hound,” “terrier,” “toy,” and “herding.” All dogs, regardless of… Read more »

Why Kids Should Grow Up with Dogs

Kids are fascinated by animals. Go to any zoo and you’re bound to see plenty of kids enamored with the animals there. Think of all the stuffed animals kids collect over the years. When you visit a little kid’s bedroom, you’re likely to find several stuffed animals on the bed. They like to sleep with… Read more »

Reducing Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Separation anxiety is a phrase used to describe the nervousness and stress exhibited in some dogs when their owners leave home. This anxiety is characterized by barking, crying, and the destruction of furniture and other household items, but there are a few ways for dog owners to make days apart less stressful for their pets…. Read more »

Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs

From decorations to sugary treats, there is plenty of mischief for your dog to get into this holiday season. Now that November is here and families are beginning to unpack their holiday decorations, it is important to take some extra safety precautions to ensure a safe and happy holiday season for you and your dog…. Read more »

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Halloween with Your Dog

A fun event for families of all ages, Halloween is a great opportunity to enjoy our favorite tricks and treats. Whether it is your dog’s first or fifth Halloween, make sure they have a safe and enjoyable night too! Keep Your Pets Inside With so many strangers running about in strange costumes and the doorbell… Read more »

Essential Skills to Teach Your Puppy

Bringing home your puppy is an exciting and memorable experience. This new member of your family is like a baby – full of energy one minute and fast asleep the next. As much fun as it is to snuggle and play with your pup, it is important to start training early to raise a happy… Read more »

Tips for Introducing a New Puppy to Other Pets

Buying a new puppy is an exciting and fun time in your life. They make great companions, are great for little ones to play with, and are just so sweet and cuddly. If you are a fairly new pet owner, you may be curious as to if your new puppy will get along with your… Read more »