How to Drive Safely with Your Pet

It’s kind of iconic Americana: the picture of a dog with its tongue out, hanging out a car window, isn’t it? How do you drive safely with your pet dog?

For starters, if you can get your dog to associate car rides with pleasure, that’s great. Therefore, a car ride shouldn’t just be for going to the vet to get a shot. When possible, consider taking your dog in the car to a dog park, the beach, or somewhere else he’ll/she’ll likely have a great time.

Next, anytime you can enlist the help of friends or family with transporting your pet dog, do it. For instance, a responsible friend could cradle the dog in their arms, cuddling them, putting them at ease in your car while you’re driving. That’s a nice thing, right?

Oftentimes, people don’t have the luxury of having help with their dog, so in that case, it’s probably best to put the dog in a secure cage in the back where they won’t escape and hurt themselves– or cause you to swerve and crash. In the cage– or “crate” which sounds nicer– include the dog’s bedding as well as toys. Anything you can do to make your dog feel “at home” and comfy for the car ride is worth doing. Dogs do love routine.

If you’re driving a car you should not have your dog in the front seat or your lap. That’s just not safe. Indeed, you’ll want to keep dogs away from airbag areas, too.

Keep in mind that dogs don’t do well in hot cars, so even if the windows are cracked open, there’s a good chance that the temperature inside the car is hot enough to cause your dog pain or even death. Obviously, don’t leave your dog unattended in a hot car for long periods of time. The same goes for when it’s freezing cold outside.

It gets tricky with letting a dog enjoy holding their head out open car windows. What if a pebble comes along and hits them in the eye? What if they fall out of the moving vehicle– or jump out onto oncoming traffic? For safety’s sake, don’t let your dog so this.

Drivers need to drive. They don’t need to fuss with a dog underneath them near the pedals. They don’t need distractions. Therefore, dogs, like kids, need to be secured with some sort of restraint. This could mean they’re held by someone else in the backseat or put in a “crate” so they’re contained. By the way, dog seat belts are a thing– look for them in stores or online.

The more mindful you are of your pet dog’s safety while traveling, the more safe both you and your dog will be.

How to Keep Your Puppy Healthy and Active

Have you heard the old adage that says, “Move it or lose it?” It’s a common figurative phrase that basically means you better move something (typically your body) or else it will be damaged or destroyed. As humans, we need to keep our bodies moving in order to maintain our physical health and mental well-being. The same goes for pet dogs.

Dogs need to get proper exercise because it’s better for them to not be overweight. When dogs are too heavy, or obese, they can no longer participate in physical activities because they lack the speed and stamina they should have. The more they sit around, lethargically, the more apt they are to have joints that hurt, ligaments that get torn, heart problems, bad backs, trouble breathing, skin diseases and other nasty stuff. Obviously, you don’t want your dog to suffer. Therefore, regular exercise is important.

Dogs are active by nature. Their ancestors– wolves– would walk many miles a day in search of food. That urge to walk, wander, run, search and play is still in dogs. And if a dog is always cooped up in a cage, that messes with their brains. They get tired and depressed and listless and it’s not good for them or for you, the owner. Exercise, on the other hand, allows them to get out their frustrations in a healthy way, and it alleviates boredom. Yes, dogs can get bored, and no, you don’t want them to!

While dogs often can exercise on their own, as a pet owner you should take an active role in playing with them. Throw a stick or ball for them to chase, retrieve and bring to you. Pet them and make them know you appreciate them when they bring you the stick or ball. It makes the dog feel loved. You can also take daily jogs with your dog– if they can keep up with you, that’s great. Once in a while, give your dog the opportunity to swim in a pond, pool or stream for the challenge of it. As long as you’re there to rescue your dog in case they wear themselves out, they’ll be fine, and getting good exercise.

The more a dog exercises, the better off he or she will be both mentally and physically-speaking. Therefore, never hesitate to spend time with your dog engaging him or her, keeping active for health’s sake.

Keeping Clean in the Muddy Season

Warm spring weather is perfect for dogs that love running around and playing in the sunshine. However, springtime also means buckets and buckets of the one thing that leads to muddy puppy paws and fur: rain.

If you are the proud mom or dad of a red or apricot poodle, you know they often love to roll around and get dirty. So the question is, how do you keep your dog’s fur clean during this muddy, wet spring season?

Use pet wipes

Poodles typically do not require frequent baths, as dirt and mud fall off their coats without one. If your furry friend comes in from outside and is a little muddy, try using pet wipes or baby wipes to remove the excess mud.

Try dry shampoo and freshening spray suggests using baking soda and cornstarch to remove your pup’s “dog smell.” Simply massage the powder through your dog’s coat with a towel. Commercial dry shampoos also exist on the market. You could also use a freshening spray to detangle and tidy up your pet’s coat.

Remember regular grooming

Regularly grooming your pup makes the cleaning process easier, as this reduces the amount of dirt and allergens on your dog’s fur. Brushing your dog before fully bathing him or her will also help if you need to go that route, as their fur tends to mat, and mats are difficult to remove when wet.

Try the works

Did your pup have a little too much fun splashing in the backyard puddles? It’s probably the time for a full-on bath. Remember to rinse your pup thoroughly after using shampoo and watch out for his or her ears.

These tips will let your pup have some fun this wet and muddy spring while staying relatively clean.

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